Character Transformation




Intercape has long since recognised its role as being more than just a coach company, but being an agent of change called to make a meaningful contribution to the communities of Southern Africa.

Most recently, the company has partnered with Character Transformation in the workplace, a programme aimed at establishing a business culture that encourages and embraces ethical conduct. Through developing and improving the individual’s ethical values and character, the programme aspires to transform the corporate culture.




The programme focuses on six values, namely trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and good citizenship. Through ongoing training and discussion, employees learn about and have the opportunity to discuss with each other the meaning, necessity and practical implementation of these values in the workplace.

Through this initiative, Intercape raises the bar for ethical conduct, not only in its own business, but it also hopes to inspire other businesses in Southern Africa to commit themselves to a higher level of ethics in the workplace. The company believes that, by a joint commitment to ethical values and excellent service, people in the marketplace can truly transform our society and make it a better place to do business, and ultimately to live.

The program began in 2012 and almost all Intercape employees have attended the program to date. The success of the program is evident amongst employees while the principles of the program are applied in appraisals, driver awards, self-evaluations and staff attitude surveys.