During August Vernon & Grace Booi lost their home due to a petrol bomb. They have since been put up in the Cape Town depot sleeping quarters, but at long last moved into their brand new home donated by the i-Foundation.

Thank you to all Intercape staff who opened your hearts and donated furniture and cash to replace which was lost in the fire. We managed to replace everything.

We thank Roy Jacobs, Technical department, who saw that the plot was cleared and levelled and assisted in obtaining the quotes for a new home. Roy also made sure that the home was built to Vernon’s instructions – resembling the size and shape of the Boois’ previous home. He proceeded to install ceilings, floors and inside walls. We appreciate your effort, Roy!

Thank you to the Operations Department for donating the floor tiles, as well as assisting with Vernon’s move. Thank you to the Technical department for availing the transport for their furniture.

We also appreciate Past Ayanda’s assistance with trauma counselling of Vernon and Grace as well as accelerating the Booi family to move into their new place.