KINGDOM KIDS in Gugulethu, Cape Town. These 350 kids come from nearby Gugulethu and range from all age groups. They robbed Intercape staff in Cape Town because of hunger and lack of clothing. The iFoundation partners with Eagles Rising and has been feeding and ministering love,music and drama to the kids since 2008 on a weekly basis.




On Friday 5 September, we took approximately thirty three 13+ year old Kingdom Kids teens to Hudson’s Burger Joint in Green Point.  


We decided that instead of taking every child, we rather wanted something really special for the older ones – something that will become the highlight of their school year and an event which the younger kids can also look forward to.


These kids have never seen the inside of a restaurant, let alone had the luxury to sit down, order and enjoy such food.



Comments from Eagles Rising ministry leader Mawande Alfred Gcilitshana:


"The kids really enjoyed the day. Just driving in the Intercape bus was already a buzz on its own. Seeing Cape Town CBD, was for many of them a first time experience and finally seeing Table Mountain was just the cherry on top. Of course, the restaurant experience just got them going. There were talks of imagining themselves with their future spouses eating in places like that and dressed up for such occasions. There were just stories upon stories.


At the end of the meal, they were so full that some of them could not finish their milkshakes. Many of them, were quite confident in giving their orders to the waitresses. I was very pleased with that. And they kept themselves well.


All in all, it was a good call for the 13 year old plus group to do something like that. A big thank you to Intercape from us (Eagles Rising) on their behalf. This trip has widened their view of life and the possibilities that lies out there for them. These kind of occasions have such a big impact on the less privileged of our communities."


A big thank you to Yolanda, Elmarie, Adré and Morné for organising the fruit, photos, petty cash and assisting to accompany the children with the help of Eagles Rising to the Burger Joint.