Wedding: Loyiso Windvoel & Fezeka Thompson - 8 August 2014

On Friday 8 August Loyiso Windvoel en Fezeka Thompson were joined in holy matrimony in a beautiful wedding ceremony conducted by Pastor Hanli Marais in the Synama Boardroom, Cape Town.  

Loyiso and Fezeka reside in nearby Nyanga and attend Friday Intercede worship gatherings on a regular basis.  Lathitha, their 10 year old daughter was the flower girl.  Her name means ‘’rising of the sun’’ in Xhosa.

The ceremony represented many prophetic symbolic meanings:
- the colours white (holiness & purity), purple (royalty)

  and violet (something perfect and of great value)
- silver flower pots (refined 7 times by the Holy Spirit)
- candles (the presence and revelation of the Holy Spirit)
- numbers of the date 8/8/14 –
  number 8 stands for renewal & restoration of the old man; a New Beginning

  (God started anew with 8 people in the ark after the flood); Circumcision of the       

  heart (cutting covenant was done on the 8th day after a boy was born);

  Hebrew meaning = to make fat, cover with fat (or oil);

  A Gate or door – opportunity for breakthrough (double doors);
  number 4 means it is time (Esther 4:14)


Message meaning: It is the right time for you to begin this new day in entering through the double doors of opportunity by honouring your marriage covenant, for God will make you spiritually fat and will give you favour and breakthrough.

After reading each other their own wedding vows, the couple took communion to seal their new covenant and anointed each other with Lily of the Valley oil, gifted by Eunice van der Merwe.

They were overwhelmed with blessings by their families and friends and proceeded to eat a wonderful meal with their guests prepared by Yolanda Siloan.

A big thank you to the following people:
Gail Abrahams –  for decorating Synama boardroom
Ricardo Scullard –assisting with decorating as well as doing the sound
Yolanda Siloan – preparing the amazing and tasteful wedding food
Anri Kuhn & PC Benade  – live worship
Morné Smit – sound and camera